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Willow Jade
(Upcoming Events)
Recently, I was asked to attend a play called "Willow Jade". I was told it was a gamer play and centered around the facets of gaming and such. I figured I'd check it out, so I went there.

I'm glad I did. While it isn't necessarily a "gamer" play, it does have game elements in it. Allow me to explain.

I arrived half an hour late due to bus schedule issues. So I was already behind, but I was able to catch
up quickly. The play has elements of sex, abuse and drinking. As I was watching, I couldn't help notice
that gaming kind of took a back seat to the other issues.

Ok, so it wasn't centered around gaming. Not a problem. I then watched as the gaming group gather and talk about how they were thinking about going to Seattle or L.A. to make it big. Between the player who plays a tavern wench (who strangely at the end had a big ass sword) having sex outside in the car with another player (while her husband who is another player at the game waits for them to get done).

After intermission, the focus again is on some kind of reward that I missed out on finding out about during the half hour I wasn't there. They then moved to different issues, then back to the gamers.

So the storyteller comes in with an arrow in him, orcs bash through the walls and blood is everywhere. After the battle (Yes, there is a full orc battle), even the non-gamer characters don't seem surprised by some dead orcs in the middle of the apartment. Again, I may have missed something in the first half hour that explained this, but I was VERY confused at this point.

That is where it ends. Overall, it was a good play to go see and I recommend it. Even if it paints gamers as nuts in a sense, it also paints every other character as nuts. So it's all good. :)

Nerd Life Club
(Upcoming Events)

We have started up a get together with a group of kids at Marshall High School doing LARPs once a month. In February, we played Sidekicks. This March, we will be trying our hands with Orc and Pie.

As you know, Orc and Pie is a completely randomly generated LARP. Heck, I have no idea what is even going to happen except that it will be a fun ride.

Feel free to join us if you want. Check out the schedule for more details as well as directions.

(Upcoming Events)
I can't tell ya.. Really.. It's a secret and I need to wait a few more weeks while everything falls into place before I reveal it.

I'll give you a hint though. Keep May of 2011 open. :)