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'I wanted to let you know that on the drive home, my girls decided that was the most fun thing about camporee this year. They absolutely loved it. It was fun for me as well.' - Kirsten

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4/19/24 to 4/21/24
300 Gateway Drive
Bethlehem, PA

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New Newsletter System
(Upcoming Changes)
Well, as some of you may realize, we have a new "Newspaper" system up. As time goes on, you will be seeing the site upgrade to new and exciting things. If you have any comments about the Newspaper, good or bad, just head over to the forums and voice your opinions.

New layout and such
(Upcoming Changes)
So while we try to look more.. Corporate... and show off how we actually have services geared to non-convention goers, we closed the website for a few days to try and get this place updated.

3 designers later, still nothing caught our eye. So we reopened with an eye to get a new look in a few weeks. Sorry for the outage. :)